We’re a husband/wife team of designers

… who decided to make a clock 

With over 2 decades of experience in the design industry, we have successfully taking products, campaigns, and brands from concept to market.

Every project has been a case study. We’ve gained experience and learned what works. It is this knowledge we now hope to leverage into our own product.

The Idea

Flip clocks are not new. But what if instead of just numbers a flip clock could also display images? A slowed down flip book, which also told time. Realizing there was untapped potential in the format we created Flippik.

Flippik is a novel flip-style clock that offers a distinctive time-telling experience using more than a hundred sequential illustrations. In addition to the customary numeric display, Flippik’s illustrated panels dynamically “animate” to unveil a story.

Envision a progressive unfolding scene where each passing minute reveals a new segment of the narrative puzzle. Flippik is not just a clock, but also a vibrant visual story that evolves in real-time with the passage of time.

The clock is housed in a painted metal case, weighs 4.72lbs, 37 x 9 x 17.5 centimetres and operates on 2 D batteries. The tiles (flaps used for the display) are painted styrene (ABS) plastic. The clock uses a quartz movement.

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